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WINIPCFG runs on all current versions of Windows - Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

It is designed to emulate Microsoft's Winipcfg that was included with Windows 95 and 98; an ever-so-useful tool that was never carried forward into contemporary versions of the operating system.

Blaser Software - winipcfg

The Blaser Software Winipcfg utility is used to review your current TCP/IP network protocol settings. This can be useful when you are troubleshooting problems, such as problems connecting to your Internet provider.

No installation is necessary - simply double-click the application icon or copy to your C:\Windows\System32 and make it available to all users on your system.  At first launch, you must read and agree to the license terms.  Run as Administrator to accept the license for all users of the system.
Blaser winipcfg - basic
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After you launch WINIPCFG, your current TCP/IP settings are displayed. To view additional information, click More Info.

 If your IP address was dynamically allocated by a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, you can use the Release and Renew buttons to release and renew the IP address.

 The following sections describe the settings displayed by the Winipcfg tool.

 Adapter Address:

 This string of hexadecimal numbers represents the hard-coded identification number assigned to the network adapter when it was manufactured (MAC address)

 IP Address:

 This is the actual IP networking address that the computer is set to. It is either dynamically assigned to the computer upon connection to the network, or a static value that is manually entered in TCP/IP properties.

 Subnet Mask:

 The subnet mask is used to "mask" a portion of an IP address so that TCP/IP can determine whether any given IP address is on a local or remote network. Each computer configured with TCP/IP must have a subnet mask defined.

 Default Gateway:

 This specifies the IP address of the host on the local subnet that provides the physical connection to remote networks, and is used by default when TCP/IP needs to communicate with computers on other subnets.

 The following settings are displayed if you click More Info:

 DHCP Server:

 This specifies the IP address of the DHCP server. The DHCP server provides the computer with a dynamically assigned IP address upon connection to the network. Clicking the Release and Renew buttons releases the IP address to the DHCP server and requests a new IP address from the DHCP server.

 Primary and Secondary WINS Server:

 These settings specify the IP address of the Primary and Secondary WINS servers (if available on the network). The WINS servers provide a service translating NetBIOS names (the alphanumeric computer names seen in the user interface) to their corresponding IP address.

 Lease Obtained and Lease Expires:

 These values show when the current IP address was obtained, and when the current IP address is due to expire. You can use the Release and Renew buttons to release and renew the current IP address, but this is not necessary because the DHCP client automatically attempts to renew the lease when 50 percent of the lease time has expired.

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