Key Benefits

  • Runs as a system service - no one needs to be logged in!
  • Setup startup options easily; modify settings with no hassle!
  • Runs on all current versions of Windows Server - Minimal Hardware Requirements.
  • Run on standalone server in a virtual machine or even a workstation!

Blaser Software - mDNS Repeater

Simplifying Apple TV and AirPlay in the enterprise - Users want their iPhones and iPads to work and communicate with other resources on the network. That means dealing with Apple's "Bonjour" protocol. Bonjour network traffic is constrained within single VLANs. How do you make that AppleTV or printer on one VLAN work with iPads on another? Blaser Software's mDNS Repeater is a scalable workaround to make this a reality - and it's available at a cost that is practical. 

The initial setup takes only minutes and requires little to no maintenance. 

Key Benefits
The Blaser Software mDNS Repeater goes ahead of the competition by extending the features of your network to enable AirPlay between VLANs
Runs as a Windows service - No user intervention required!


Available Now!
Documentation - Blaser mDNS Installation and Configuration Guide