Key Benefits

  • Runs as a system service - no one needs to be logged in!
  • Setup startup options easily; modify settings with no hassle!
  • Runs on all current versions of Windows Server - Alerts on User Account Lockout:
  • Event ID 680 on Server 2003
    Event ID 4740 on Server 2008 & 2012

Blaser Software - Account Lockout Notification Utility!

Blaser Software Account Lockout Notification Utility is a software solution that makes Administrators aware of user lockout events as they happen in real-time.
When a user account gets locked-out on Windows Server, a Domain Controller (DC) will log Event ID 644 (Windows 2003) or 4740 (Windows 2008 & 2012) in the Security EventLog.  The old methodology is to wait until the affected use makes contact to complain about the trouble and for the Administrator to open the EventLog and check for account lockout events that have occurred.  On a very active server, thousands of events can be logged per minute and filtering through these events is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  With the Blaser Account Lockout Notification Utility, Administrators can be notified as the lockout event occurs and is logged to the Security EventLog without the need for PowerShell scripting. 

This simple utility is easily installed and configured and tested in less than 2 minutes.

This tool is can be helpful in the following troubleshooting scenarios as there may be many other causes for account locked out:
•user's account has stored user name and passwords
•user's account tied to persistent mapped drive
•user's account as a service account
•user's account is used as an IIS application pool identity
•user's account is tied to a scheduled task
•un-suspending a virtual machine after a user's password has changed
•user’s smartphone is using cached and expired password

The initial setup takes almost no time and requires no maintenance  and since the utility runs as a Windows service, no user intervention is ever required!